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Struga, Macedonia

Struga, Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia guarantees the rights of its citizens regardless of ethnic, cultural, or religious affinity.

1991 Census - Ethnic Composition

Total Population of the Republic of Macedonia: 2, 033, 964

Macedonians 65.30%
Albanians 21.73%
Turks 3.79%
Romanies 2.56%
Serbs 2.10%
Muslims 1.54%
Vlachs 0.38%
Others 2.60%

The following are some excerpts from the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia - which guarantees equal human rights for all of its citizens.

Macedonia - Constitution - Chapter II Basic Freedoms and Rights of the Individual and Citizen

Part 1 Civil and Political Freedoms and Rights

Article 9

(1) Citizens of the Republic of Macedonia are equal in their freedoms and rights, regardless of sex, race, color of skin, national and social origin, political and religious beliefs, property and social status.
(2) All citizens are equal before the Constitution and law.

Article 16

(1) The freedom of personal conviction, conscience, thought and public expression of thought is guaranteed.
(2) The freedom of speech, public address, public information and the establishment of institutions for public information is guaranteed.
(3) Free access to information and the freedom of reception and transmission of information are guaranteed.
(4) The right of reply via the mass media is guaranteed.
(5) The right to a correction in the mass media is guaranteed.
(6) The right to protect a source of information in the mass media is guaranteed. (7) Censorship is prohibited.

Article 19

Islamic Bath(1) The freedom of religious confession is guaranteed.
(2) The right to express one's faith freely and publicly, individually or with others is guaranteed.
(3) The Macedonian Orthodox Church and other religious communities and groups are free to establish schools and other social and charitable institutions, by ways of a procedure regulated by law.

Article 20

(1) Citizens are guaranteed freedom of association to exercise and protect their political, economic, social, cultural and other rights and convictions.
(2) Citizens may freely establish associations of citizens and political parties, join them or resign from them.
(3) The programs and activities of political parties and other associations of citizens may not be directed at the violent destruction of the constitutional order of the Republic, or at encouragement or incitement to military aggression or ethnic, racial or religious hatred or intolerance.
(4) Military or paramilitary associations which do not belong to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Macedonia are prohibited.

Article 21

(1) Citizens have the right to assemble peacefully and to express public protest without prior announcement or a special license.
(2) The exercise of this right may be restricted only during a state of emergency or war.

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