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The following is a list of some publications about Macedonia.

  1. Amnesty International: Annual Human Rights Report
    Amnesty International, London, 1993-1999

  2. A Turbulent Priest? Freedom of Religion in Greece and the Trials of Nikodimos Tsarknias
    A Trial Observation Report by Timothy Otty, M.A. (Cantab), B.L., 1996

  3. (The) Balkans: Minorities and States in Conflict
    Hugh Poulton, Minority Rights Group, London, 1994
    245 pages, ISBN 1-873194-40-4(5)

  4. Black Seed
    Tashko Georgievski, translated by Elizabeth Kolupacev Stewart, Pollitecon Publications, Sydney, 1996
    113 pages, ISBN 0 9586789 0 1

  5. Children of the Bird Goddess
    Pandora Petrovska, Kita Sapurma, Pollitecon Publications, Sydney, 1997
    168 pages, ISBN 0 9586789 X

  6. Chronicle of the World
    Mercer, Derrick, et al., Dorling Kindersley Limited, London, 1996

  7. Country Human Rights Practices
    United States Department of State, (for Greece, Albania, Bulgaria), Washington, 1994-1999

  8. (The) Crisis in the Balkans: the Macedonian Question and the Working Class
    International Socialist Organization, Chicago, 1992
    36 pages; ISBN 0-935867-11-2

  9. Denying Ethnic Identity - the Macedonians of Greece
    Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, New York, 1994
    85 pages; ISBN 1-56432-132-0

  10. Destroying Ethnic Identity- Selective Persecution of Macedonians in Bulgaria
    Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, New York, 1991
    16 pages

  11. (The) Epic of Ilinden, edited by Boris Vishinski, Macedonian Review, Skopje, 1973

  12. Ethnolinguistic Minorities in Greece - 1995, Greek Helsinki Monitor, Athens, 1995

  13. (The) Fall of Yugoslavia
    Misha Glenny, Penguin Books, New York, 1993

  14. Fields of Wheat, Hills of Blood
    Anastasia Karakasidou, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1997
    208 pages; ISBN 0-9680709-0-6

  15. Greece Against Its Macedonian Minority - The Rainbow Trial
    Greek Helsinki Monitor, Athens, 1998
    208 pages; ISBN 0-9680709-0-6

  16. Greece - Free Speech on Trial: Government Stifles Dissent on Macedonia
    Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, New York:, July 1993, Volume 5, Issue 9

  17. Greek Monitor of Human and Minority Rights
    Minority Rights Group and Greek Helsinki Monitor, 1995

  18. Human Rights Violations against Ethnic Macedonians Report 1996
    Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Canada, Toronto, 1996
    113 pages; ISBN 0-9680709-0-6

  19. Human Rights Watch World Report
    Human Rights Watch/Helsinki, New York, 1996-1999

  20. In Search of the Macedonians of Pakistan
    Michael A. Dimitri, Alexandra Publishing, Fort Wayne, 1995

  21. In the Shadow of Olympus - the Emergence of Macedon
    Eugene N. Borza, Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 1990

  22. Linguistic Minorities in the European Economic Community: Spain, Portugal, Greece
    Summary of the Report, Commission of the European Communities, Luxembourg, 1990

  23. Macedonia and Greece - The Struggle to Define a New Balkan Nation
    John Shea, McFarland and Company Inc, North Carolina, 1997
    423 pages; ISBN 0-9680709-0-6

  24. Macedonia and Its Relations With Greece
    Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Skopje, 1993

  25. Macedonia Through the Ages
    Jacques Bacid, Macedonian World Congress, 1983

  26. Macedonian Agenda
    Victor Bivell (editor), Pollitecon Publications, Sydney, 1995
    232 pages, ISBN 0 646 22162 0

  27. The Macedonian Conflict : Ethnic Nationalism in a Transnational World
    Loring Danforth, Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 1995
    273 pages; ISBN 0-691-04357-4

  28. Macedonian Immigrants in Canada and their Background
    Macedonian Canadian Senior Citizens Club, Toronto, 1980

  29. (The) Macedonians of Aegean Macedonia: A British Officer's Report, 1944
    The Slavonic and East European Review, Volume 69, Number 2, pages 283-309, Andrew Rossos, April 1991

  30. Makedonski Icelenuchki Almanac '97
    Matitsa na Icelenuchite od Makedonija, Skopje, 1997

  31. Men In White Aprons - A Study of Ethnicity and Occupation
    Harry Vjekoslav Herman, Webcom Limited, Toronto, 1978

    Rainbow Party, Bi-monthly publication, chief editor Stavros Anastasiadis, Lerin, Aegean Macedonia

  33. (The) Other Balkan Wars: 1913 Carnegie Endowment Inquiry in Retrospect
    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, 1993

  34. Panorama - Vol.2 No.1
    Macedonian Cultural Society "ISKRA", Adelaide, 1996

  35. Report of Europe/89 Delegation: The Way Ahead for Macedonian Human Rights
    Macedonian Human Rights Movement of Greece, 1989

  36. (The) Rising Sun In the Balkans: The Republic Of Macedonia
    International Affairs Agency, Sydney, Pollitecon Publications, 1995.
    68 pages, ISBN 0 646 20927 2

  37. Salonica Terminus
    Fred A. Reed, Talonbooks, Burnaby, 1996

  38. (The) Slav Macedonians in Greece
    Danish Helsinki Committee, Copenhagen, 1993

  39. Sojourners and Settlers
    Lilian Petroff, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1995

  40. (The) Southern Balkans
    Minority Rights Group, United Kingdom, 1994
    25 pages; ISBN 1 897693 75 3

  41. What Europe Has Forgotten: The Struggle Of the Aegean Macedonians
    Association Of Macedonians In Poland, Pollitecon Publications, Sydney, 1992, reprinted 1995.
    68 pages, ISBN 0 646 12211 8

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